Spell In A Box

A Spell is an intentional creation of a desire.
When a ceremony is created around this intention, it becomes even more powerful. 
We have always utilised plants, gemstones, resins and other nature's gifts to charge our spell work. I have made this easy for you, no need to gather the herbs, as I have selected the plant medicine oils for the appropriate intention, the gemstone and colour of the beeswax candle. You don't have to do that work!
You simply bring in your lineage's magickal practices, your joy and excitement and the Spell is now cast!
This kit reminds you how to cast spells the way your people's used to do so! 
Bring Magick back into your life!
8 Magickal, hand concocted spells!
With beeswax candle, spray with pure essential oils, gemstone and a written spell.  
This summer, watch out for brand new Spells for Kids!