Heirloom Resetting

Enjoy this Gallery of Custom Designs

I specialise in Heirloom Resetting, where you bring in your old pieces, pieces that no longer support you, or aesthetically not a match to you anymore I turn these family heirlooms, old engagement or wedding rings, childhood gifts or any special pieces into something that sparkles with new vibrations that support and shine YOUR light NOW!

Set up a time with me, and when you, myself and the Creator meet, designs will come through. I will sketch designs and give you estimates. I always consider your budget and what will work best for you! 

If you love this initial meetup, I will send you a proposal complete with estimate and terms of conditions. you will read through and once aligned with the proposal, you sign it off, send a deposit, then schedule a time to drop off your pieces. 

Because this process is guided by spirit and possibly your ancestor/s, I ask for at least 3 months for the energies to be aligned. 

This is a highly intimate, personal and alchemical process, please contact me for more details 


1. Do not try to figure out what to do! Trust the process! the designs only come through when you, myself and the 'Creator' meet!

2. Contact me asap, another 10 years will by too quickly!

3. Please don't assume things will cost tons of money! You don't know until we meet! Price points vary tremendously, I am very transparent and professional and will work with your budget!