Wizard Guidance

'Tien is actually magic. I have had multiple private readings that have been so moving and insightful and have really helped me to move forward through some difficult times. More recently, I wanted to share Tien’s work with friends, so I hosted a Tarot reading evening at my art studio. Tien read one card for each of the guests while we all sat around a large table. In only 5 minutes, he was able to get to the heart of what was important to each of my guests. I think that I got as much out of hearing the other readings as I did even with my own. It was such a successful event, that I am already making plans to host another one.' Lynn Falconer, Artist
I have gone through the depths of darkness to rise into light. I was the first Asian trans man to come out in Vancouver in 2002, where LGBTQ2S awareness was non-existent. I experienced years of racism, trans and gender hatred, homophobia, sexism, humiliation, isolation, abuse & violence. I blamed and hated those who hated me, clung on to my righteous victim stance and I suffered long and hard, resulting in deep self hatred, financial losses, and loss of family and community.
All this suffering led to my suicide attempt in 2009, my ‘Phoenix Rising’. The morning after, my soul said, ‘Tien you are still alive, what do you want to do now?' In desperation, I cried out, ‘I don’t care anymore, I don’t care if people misgender me or hate me, I just want to be happy.’ My soul said, ‘Tien if you are going to stick around, promise me this one thing, have a freaking good time, otherwise, you have my blessings, go home to your maker’
In that moment, I CHOSE TO LIVE and more importantly, I CHOSE TO LIVE FOR JOY.
I now know that all this HAD to happen for me to FINALLY tap into the magick that is within me — to learn love and joy.  Now I teach that, in the face of racism, trans and gender hatred, abuse and violence, each of us can CHOOSE JOY and shine and spread light on this planet and aid in its transformation and evolution.
My work as a spiritual teacher is informed by my life lessons, my spiritual learnings from Zen Buddhism, Abraham Hicks and more. And my personal development and leadership training solidifies and grounds my awareness so that I now provide powerful, practical,  transformative guidance for you.
My work reminds the world that every one of us can SHINE in beauty, joy and Magick, and only we get to choose to step up and LIVE in our own source and power.
It is my honour to support YOUR LIGHT TO SHINE!