Transcending Gender: Coaching and Guidance around Gender and Sexuality - 1 hour
Tien the Wizard

Transcending Gender: Coaching and Guidance around Gender and Sexuality - 1 hour

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Supporting you, as you navigate the new paradigms around gender for yourself, your children and your loved ones. My experience as the 1st Asian trans man to transition in Vancouver in 2002, together with my spiritual, transformative and leadership training informs the distinctions that I empower you with. 

I deconstruct the existing gender binary myths and lead you to become fully present in your body and awareness (leaving past gendered ideas and beliefs in the past). New paradigms, language and ways of being around gender are revealed to you (and your true sense of self). The YOU that is free of all constraints of gender, begins to unfold.

You are now FREE to BE YOU, your true expression of SOUL/BEING, free of the archaic, cis sexist, heteronormative and restrictive beliefs of gender. You can now CHOOSE to transition/ not to transition, choose varied gender expressions, self-identifiers and much more, coming from a sense of choice and freedom that you had no idea was even possible.   

You, a human BEING, a SOUL, now relates authentically with love and connectedness to all other human BEINGS. 

As a parent, you are upgraded in the non-binary awareness that your child, who is of the next evolved human species, is. You no longer perpetuate the age-old myths that keep them restricted, bound in gender binary expectations, self-denial, self-censorship and self-hatred. You can now advocate for them and educate others.    

I guide young humans from as young as 6 years old to anyone in any process of their gender evolution. 

Please schedule a 15min complimentary consultation to see if this is the path for you by CLICKING HERE or you may simply schedule your 1 hour session.
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Customer Reviews

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Bailey Green
Liberating experience

I just loved how honest and present the room was, and how Tien curated that space for everyone. I think the most valuable thing I took away was to just acknowledge when my mammalian brain is kicking in and then breathe and be present with the person in front of me, instead of shaming myself for what is simply my brain spinning its wheels. I really want to get creative with my language and free myself from pronoun anxiety. I want to focus on who people are beyond their labels, what lights them up? What are their passions? Not what are their categories. It feels like a true return to soul and connection. excellent. THANK YOU! This was a joyous, open, free, liberating experience. I was blown away and cannot wait to follow more of your work.

Jackie Hanlin

An understanding of the development of gender and sexuality, and opening up to its ever developing state. How to bring more acceptance of myself into my life, and how to remember to simply connect with people. Practicing my language skills. Thank you for sharing your passion, so openly and lovingly. Your calm approach makes, what can be a difficult and muddy emotional discussion, very clear.

Jason Redwolf
Fascinating experience!

This course had many facets that I was grateful to learn. One point was how English language is used, and to practice and use creative alternatives to speak, instead of using labeled, everyday speech that we’ve been programmed to use that causes separation from others. Another point I found fascinating was the conversation about the mammalian brain. This totally opened another way of thinking for me. This is an amazing class taught by a Master Wizard. It is not just useful with interacting with trans people, but with ALL humans. This is the key point that Tien speaks of many times in his teaching, is the ability to interact with the Soul of another and see past the ‘Meat Suit’.

Thank you Tien for a great Course!

Dion Marek Leclaire
Got the freedom I wanted

The course was awesome in presenting gender in a way that had me really get that gender in the way we know it is a box with a lid, a lid my head has been bumping up against all my life. The decision to transition (for me) blew the lid off, not only of the female box I have been living in, but the male box I desired to be in and identify with. The feelings I have felt were interpreted through the filters of how I was raised-shame, guilt, bad and wrong. Through the course I began inquiring into what if I was wrong?

What if I evolved rather than betrayed? What if I am not only both male and female, but what if there was more? Freedom was my one word (that I got from this course) - but this is what I am free from - being boxed. I am more than either box can hold. I can relate to anyone - something I have experienced but didn’t fully understand why. I am left feeling at peace with the journey I am on and the point in the path I am currently walking through.

Kelly Anne

Since the course, I've been moved by the resonance I get from experiencing other trans resources. Tien is bang-on, relevant, revolutionary, a disruptor and an inspiration to evolve the conversation. And he's fun. I often hear Tien's voice in my head: what would Tien say? He'd laugh and cut to the chase. Be authentic, be kind, be respectful. Laugh more and love each other. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Love you, Tien. xo