The Activator

This Gallery of One of a Kind Activators is my Specialty.

Your soul came to earth for a reason. You have done your inner work and are ready to Shine your Light! I am here to alchemise who you are into a Magickal Icon. Charge Yourself, then go forth and Charge and transform the world! 

Some of pieces are not for sale, as they have been custom built for myself and clients, and some can be created on order. This gallery provides you with a good representation of what I create. As you peruse, take note of what you love, are pulled into, resonate with and when we converse you can refer to them. 

I see the world in shapes, symbols and colours. The creation of these Custom designed pieces go through an indescribable alchemical process, your intentions are translated into symbols, infused with power, intentionality, joy, mystery and MAGICK. I build these amulets, sacred symbols, talismans, power pieces, spiritual icons for ONE purpose. SO that YOU can ACTIVATE others!