Wizard Reading - 1 hour
Tien the Wizard

Wizard Reading - 1 hour

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Using the 3 decks of cards that I have published, I channel the wisdom of the elements, the eternal consciousness, the planets and beyond, and your ancestors.
I am an empath and speak with clear directive intention, lots of humour, light and sassiness.
My guidance is socially relevant and powerful, I see what you are up against, or what is in your vibrational reality, and give you directions, tasks and teachings to handle and take things on in a new and magickal way.   
let me support you to clear your past, get zen present, then from now, powerfully and magickally create your life and future!


Conversations with Tien is a trifecta. So much fun! Compassionately direct. So intuitively on point. A reading through their world – view and love for people and life offers a platform of safety and encouragement. ‘Meditate, fell, now move your ass!’ – from his Wise and Wise Ass Sayings of the Wizard Oracle Deck.        

Nikki Bryce, Actor, Astrologer and Medium, Animal Communicator and Acupressure

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corrine jefferson
Fun with my daughters.

I highly recommend Tien, whose transformative sessions go beyond mere readings. His empathic and direct approach, mixed with humour and sassiness created a fun experience for me and my daughters. He has an amazing ability to channel wisdom and provide guidance. Tien’s sessions helped us to learn about mindfulness. To clear thoughts about the past or the future and understand that they are just thoughts and not reality. Thank you wise wizard, for your profound intuitiveness that has enlightened our paths beyond our imagination.

Very Impressive

This reading was exactly What I needed for the past 6 month of depression and exhaustion. Before I met Tien, my flow of thoughts used to be super chaotic and draining, now I can only say thank you for a new friend and mentor.
Tien, you’re an amazing reader. Thank you!


Huge gratitude for Tien. He has given me the gift of believing I can find what fantastic path is out there for me. I loved his wisdom and sharp intuition.

Fresh perspectives

Tien gave me a fresh perspective on how my thoughts were circling and then he offered a method for tackling those circling thoughts. Thank you Tien!

New Perspective

I've never had a reading before so I didn't know what to expect, but Tien is an expert at making his clients comfortable and feel welcome in the space. The reading gave me more perspective on my life and my attitude. Instead of trying to muscle through my problems and be hard on myself for not being brave enough, I can open myself up to gratitude and joy, and have more faith in my future. It feels like a perspective much more aligned with my heart. <3