Wizard Reading - 1/2 hour
Tien the Wizard

Wizard Reading - 1/2 hour

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Using the 3 decks of cards that I have published, I channel the wisdom of the elements, the eternal consciousness, the planets and beyond, and your ancestors.
I am an empath and speak with clear directive intention, lots of humour, light and sassiness.
My guidance is socially relevant and powerful, I see what you are up against, or what is in your vibrational reality, and give you directions, tasks and teachings to handle and take things on in a new and magickal way.   
Let me support you to clear your past, get zen present, then from now, powerfully and magickally create your life and future!


Conversations with Tien is a trifecta. So much fun! Compassionately direct. So intuitively on point. A reading through their world – view and love for people and life offers a platform of safety and encouragement. ‘Meditate, fell, now move your ass!’ – from his Wise and Wise Ass Sayings of the Wizard Oracle Deck.        

Nikki Bryce, Actor, Astrologer and Medium, Animal Communicator and Acupressure

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Michele St germaine
Thank you

Had a lovely reading with Tien. Confirmed for me that it's okay to be who I am and that I was going in the right direction. Hope to get a longer reading in the near future.


Tien's readings are deep, they uncover the core issues. While $85 for 30 min seems expensive, you get a lot of bang for your buck. He helps you find your way again. He is more than just a reader, he is a spiritual teacher. Will definitely try another reading with him sometime.

5/5 Stars

Tien is a beautiful soul, easy to talk to and has a great personality. I was apart of a group reading hosted by Tien, where each individual had their own moment with the cards. Not only was the experience insightful, it was entertaining and personable.
I hope to see Tien again in the future as I'd like to book a private session with him.

Brilliant!! ✨✨

I recently had a Linar New Year reading and what an awesome experience 🌟I felt welcomed, seen and touched by Tien’s magical energy. The cards that Tien drew highlighted areas of my life that I’ve either avoided or ignored. Tien’s direct and supportive communication style was refreshing. I left feeling uplifted and empowered to take the steps to figure my stuff out. Many, many thanks Tien!🙏🏼 ❤️🙏🏼

Thank you Tien!

Tien has a way of balancing frank and clear communication with non-judgement that makes you feel right at home. He gave me solid, aligned advice that was immediately actionable in my life. My own intuition was respected and encouraged. My reading shored up my courage and confidence- I hadn’t done something like this before and I’m really happy I did!