Tien the Wizard


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Eternal - Magickal Symbols Collection

  • Handmade in sterling silver
  • Pendant height: 5.8 centimeters
  • Pendant width: 4.5 centimeters
  • Personalizable with gemstones and other shapes

This symbol pulls you out of your human consciousness. It calls you out of your stuck 3D self into the eternal consciousness, where our souls reside. We are all part of the stars and light that is 'out there'. The never ending universe is our true home. When we get stuck in ego bound righteousness, judgements, opinions, in blame & fear, we are simply experiencing our tender earthly humanity. AND there is much more to who each of us truly is. This piece moves you into higher realms of awareness, that of love, joy, power, compassion, gentleness, abundance, ease and flow, while continuing to honour and enjoy your path here on earth. YOU are as Eternal as the Universe!  


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Production time takes from 3 to 15 business days prior to shipping. If production is delayed due to shortage of raw material, I will be in touch.

For custom gemstones and design. Please message me for quotes and/or a consultation.