Tien the Wizard


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Journey- Magickal Symbols Collection

  • Handmade in sterling silver
  • Pendant height: 4.5 centimeters
  • Pendant width: 4 centimeters
  • Personalizable with gemstones and other shapes

A traditional Sacred Geometry symbol with repeat circles leading into eternity. This symbol is a powerful humbling reminder that we are all part of an unfathomable eternal journey. As individual souls, we came to create our own unique experience, however when the ego consciousness take over, we begin to battle and judge, blame and separate from the eternal consciousness that is ALL.

With this piece we are humbled, we ALL live and then we die. And our Souls live on, life on earth goes on. This piece feels like it is moving, just like life always does, we just keep on going, on our soul's eternal journey.


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Production time takes from 3 to 15 business days prior to shipping. If production is delayed due to shortage of raw material, I will be in touch.

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