King's Collection - Philosopher's Stone
King's Collection - Philosopher's Stone
Tien The Wizard

King's Collection - Philosopher's Stone

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Philosopher's Stone

Solid Solid Sterling Silver Band with black onyx cabochon.

The Philosopher's Stone, is an alchemical substance used to transform base metal into gold. Also known as the Elixir of Life. This mythical magickal substance has been referred to for centuries in many languages and people's histories. It refers to the pure essence of transformation, the energetic magick, the frequency that one vibrates at. The lesson here is that when one vibrates at a frequency of light and life, one is able to transform base metal into gold, aka darkness to light, hate to love, suffering to joy. 

This is the true state of magick that humans strive for. This atomic power is within each and every one of us. But as humans we continue looking for this magickal state outside of us, to strive for change outside of ourselves. We think that we have to get more, make more money, look better, have that home and lifestyle, and or to change others in order for peace and joy to be present.

The shiny black surface of the onyx is a looking glass, reflecting you, reminding you that YOU and YOU alone, and how you view the world, how you choose to live, the frequency that you choose to vibrate at is all that is required to alter states of being. 

YOU are the Philosopher's Stone!  


Rings are made to order; band width is 1/2", 1.5mm thickness. Onyx is 10 x 10 mm

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Love it!

I was gifted mine, and absolutely love it!!!! It's my favorite piece right now, and I wear it every day. Can't recommend it enough!!