Lineage, Legend, Legacy
Lineage, Legend, Legacy
Lineage, Legend, Legacy
Tien the Wizard

Lineage, Legend, Legacy

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Lineage, Legend, Legacy - Magickal Symbols Collection

  • Handmade in sterling silver
  • Pendant height: 5.6 centimeters
  • Pendant width: 5.6 centimeters
  • Personalizable with gemstones and other shapes

This symbol was inspired by Shang Chi, the Marvel movie. My ancestors came through while I watched the movie, calling me to create this powerful piece. In each of us, is a living light filled consciousness. It is linked to the ancestors from whom you came. Imagine the 1000's of souls, incidences, losses, loves, conquering and courage that banged together to give birth to YOU! Remember that your lineage goes way beyond the 2000 years of organised religion. When you pause with this piece around your heart chakra, you are instantly humbled, your 3D bound fear, arrogance and suffering eases. This piece calls and brings forth the mystical and very real lineage of energy, the lifeforce in your bloodline, in your DNA. You are not alone, your blood is your life force that comes with the wisdom, strength and love of your ancestors. We get to carry on their lineage, their legend and legacy. Wear this, then seek, call forth, ask for your people's wisdom. It is RIGHT HERE NOW in your pumping blood.


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